Best International School With Holistic Education System

In the past few decades the Andhra Pradesh region has progressed
significantly in the field of education. The literacy rate of the city
has increased with the changing time and today a number of people are
literate and independent.

The Oakridge International School is also located in the state that
provides best quality education and a world class school amenity to the
students. This institute has aimed at providing holistic education to
the students so that they could stay abreast with the world level
changes and developments.

The location of the school is NH 5 Road, Behind HP Petrol Pump,
Maharajpeta Junction, Beemunipatnam Mandal, Tagarapuvalasa,
VishakhapatnamArticle Submission, Andhra Pradesh. This international school provides
education from the nursery class till the twelfth class. The school is
English medium and is a coeducational institute.

The school envisions creating a new milestone in the field of education
and teaching and providing an international education system to the
students so that they could grow up to be independent and rational
citizens of the country. The school has involved new age education tools
and technology to cater the modern education system and stay at par
with the international education system.

This school has an inspiring and dynamic academic as well as co
curricular programs and activities. The school has given equal
importance and stress on the curricular and extracurricular programs for
an all round of the students. The classrooms are spacious and well
furnished in addition to this air conditioned and have better sitting
arrangement. The school takes pride in its world class school amenities
and facilities that are provided to the students.

The administrative and official staff of the school is cooperative and
friendly so parents and guardians could easily contact them to get the
information related to the school. This school is located in a lush
green locality that is pollution free as well as away from the daily
hustle bustle of the city traffic and pollution. The school has provided
better transportation facility to the students so that students could
easily reach the school on time. A safe security system is provided for
the safety of the students and the school property.

This institute envisions creating the world class leaders of tomorrow
who could support and contribute in the prosperity of the country and
society. The school provides world class learning experience to the ones
taking admission here. A well developed education system and a proper
curriculum and co curriculum program is something this school is good

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